Economists claim that economics is everywhere. It’s in work, marriage, sports, and crime. If economics permeates all aspects of our lives, does it also show up in the afterlife?

To answer this question, Bookman explores views of life after death, across cultures and throughout history. She boldly identifies economic concepts and principles in mythology, art, literature, religion and popular culture that help answer questions such as:

Do the dead have jobs?

What’s the price of admission to the hereafter?

Is there an energy crisis in hell?

Can the dead outsource their sins?

Eighty percent of Americans believe in some form of afterlife and an even larger number say the economy is their largest concern. Do They Take Credit Cards in Heaven? is a free-spirited investigation of the hereafter that bridges these two issues.

At times humorous, occasionally controversial, and consistently thought-provoking, this clever and informative book adds a new dimension to our understanding of both economics and the afterlife.

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